MC&A has partnered with international law firm Simmons & Simmons in providing content for the Angolan and Mozambican sections of the Clean Energy Tool.  The Clean Energy Tool is designed as a “one -stop-shop”, user-friendly platform for comprehensive information relating to investment and developments in the clean energy sector. It already covers almost 50 jurisdictions, with more being added every month. As climate change disrupts traditional business mindsets across various sectors, the renewable energy market continues to expand rapidly, especially on the African continent, which is richly blessed with a wealth of renewable energy resources.

The Clean Energy Tool provides investors, developers and other market players with detailed legal and regulatory overviews across several areas of particular importance to renewable energy projects. These include  revenue streams, grid connections, land rights and acquisition, finance, tax, structuring and finance, and dispute resolution. An additional feature of the tool is the ability to perform cross-jurisdictional comparisons within each of these areas. To learn more about the tool, or to request a demo/free trial please visit the Clean Energy Tool.

MC&A contributions come from several collaborators spread across Africa.

Clean Energy Tool

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