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Considering the uncertainty regarding the end of the pandemic situation provoked by Covid-19, and to grant greater clearness and safety to the foreign citizens out of Angolan territory or who could not leave Angola due to the closure of borders, the Angolan Government approved, by the Executive Decree no. 3/21, of January 5, the extension of validity for documents related with the permanence of foreign citizens in Angola.
These documents include the Residence Authorization, Refugee Card, and Investor, Employment, Temporary Permanence and Study Visas which expired after 28 February 2021. These documents are now considered valid until 28 February 2021, but only for the foreign citizens who are not in Angolan territory and could not renew their documents.

Foreign citizens who have entered in Angola with Short Term, Tourism or Border Visas which expired after 28 February 2021 and that are still in Angola due to the closure of borders, have their Visas prorogated until 28 February 2021. However, these citizens are obliged to leave the Country when the circumstances allow.

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