As legal services provider in Angola, MC&A has been invited to attend Swedish Delegation’s official reception, given by Swedish Ambassadress in Luanda, Ms Ewa Polano.

It was a great opportunity to contact with Swedish Delegation, that came to Angola invited by AIPEX (Private Investment and Exportation Promotion Angolan Agency) and Open Trade Gate Sweden (an information center, for development countries’ exporters who needs information about EU and Sweden trade rules), and was formed by executives from Swedish institutions and big companies, as Ericsson, Seamless, ABB Power Grids, and others. In this reception were also present some Angolan Ministers.

Swedish Ambassadress assured that Sweden wants to support and increase political and economical cooperation with Angola, underlining Angolan entrepreneur’s potential and the necessity to give them more knowledge (principally about European and Swedish markets, their rules, opportunities to investment and to reinforce cooperation). Swedish Ambassadress also highlighted fight against corruption as a very important process in Angola, that will make Angolan economy evolve.

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