MC&A has been active as a legal service provider in the mining industry over the years, mainly in Angola and Mozambique, and has been invited to attend Mining Indaba 2020, one of greatest events related with investing in African mining, taking place in Cape Town.

At Mining Indaba’s first day, optimizing growth and investment in the digitized mining economy as been at the center stage.

Questions such as how should mining companies position themselves to attract millennial investors and how can the mining sector be an engine for tackling the youth challenge and for development across Africa, have been heavily debated.

At the main stage, several speakers discuss how to reconnect the fundamentals of the mining industry with next generation values, how to increase the copper production to boost Africa’s stake in the vital global battery market and how to develop gold exploration and production.

Countries such as Angola organized pavilions, being highly represented in the mining industry through the presence of the public and private major players in the country, namely in the diamonds sector.

It has been a great first of four very promising days, in the presence of notorious speakers, governments and mining companies.

Investing in Africa Mining INDABA, February 3rd to 5th, 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa

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