A new Brazil/Africa/Portugal international legal alliance has been created from a partnership between the Portuguese law firm MC&A and the Brazilian office Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel (SVMFA), to provide legal advice to companies in different segments, around 500 clients, of which more than 10% are among the 500 largest companies in the world.

The alliance, based in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, brings together the experience and expertise of Portuguese MC&A’s lawyers in the financial and capital sectors, and that of Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel in areas such as natural resources and infrastructure. The partners have been cooperating through consulting in international operations in Brazilian, African and Portuguese markets since 2009 and the alliance now comprises a team of 75 lawyers and operations in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe and Guinea Bissau.

“It is with great enjoyment that we announce this alliance resulting from years of partnership in important projects. Our knowhow and expertise in natural resources and infrastructure will allow our clients to have unquestionable quality in their projects and markets”, says Paulo Valois Pires, founder of Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel (SVMFA).

“It’s a great opportunity for both firms. Through MC Valois Miranda, we’ll be able to expand our client portfolio and provide an effective assistance to international business, specially in the context of mergers and acquisitions”, says Vítor Marques da Cruz (pictured), founding partner of MC&A.

This alliance was formed to respond to the growing potential for investment in natural resources and energy, as well as associated sectors, in Portuguesespeaking African countries.

TFR, 12/12/2016

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