Vitor Marques das Cruz

Lisbon | Maputo | Luanda

Vitor Marques da Cruz is the founding partner of the Portuguese law firm MC&A, specialized in international business advisory, with a special focus in Lusophone markets. He has extensive experience in business Law, including large-scale M&A and corporate transactions and is specialized in Financial and Banking Law. He focuses his practice in advising government departments and international companies in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, being referred to in several Handbooks and Global Law guides as one of the top Portuguese business lawyers working in the African market.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon in 1982, where he was also an Assistant of Public Financial Law. He holds a post-graduate degree in European Law from the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University. Vítor Marques da Cruz is a regular speaker at events on investment in the African market, having participated in numerous international conferences and seminars to raise awareness about business specificities and opportunities in countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, among others. He also collaborates with several international law guides, through articles published on the legal systems and investment conditions of these markets. His main areas of intervention include legal advisory in the sectors of banking, construction, real estate and energy.

Practice Areas

Banking and Capital Markets law, Commercial and Corporate Law, M&A and Real Estate.

Experience Highlights
  • Legal advisory to a Middle East sovereign fund in the acquisition of several companies in Portugal;
  • Advice a banking syndicate in the first and second issuance of floating rate note by the government of the Autonomous Region of the Azores;
  • Advisory to a South African Investment Company in the acquisition of the share capital of an Angolan company.
  • Frequent advisory to an Angolan Banking Institution on the financing and negotiation of a loan agreement to be signed with the Angolan Government;
  • Advice to an International Banking Institution in several matters related with its activity in Angola;
  • Advice one of the largest Banking Institutions on loan and facility agreements;
  • Legal advice to a Banking Institution based in the United Kingdom, mainly in relevant financing operations carried out by the Angolan aviation company, as well as in a major financing operation related with an infrastructure project in Angola;
  • Advice an International Financial Group, based in New York, on several financing operations of projects in Angola associated with private entities and in the financing and negotiation of a loan agreement to be signed with the Angolan Government;
  • Advice a Japanese Banking Institution in the scope of the Angolan legislation, particularly when associated with the funding of Angolan in the country;
  • Advice a Banking Institution as regards its incorporation in Mozambique and several local funding operations.
  • Advise one of the largest British banks on revised standard terms and conditions in the context of internet business;
  • Advise an International Banking Institution on corporate credit/debit card systems;
  • Legal advisory on the outsourcing of a banking operation through an undisclosed agency;
  • Advice a Japanese Banking Institution in the incorporation of its representative office in Lisboa;
  • Advise the largest Icelandic Bank in the financing of a multinational corporation in the field of photography;
  • Legal advisory to a Banking Institution based in South Africa, in the incorporation of its representative office in Angola;
  • Advice a Company in the field of Electric Energy on the changes to the legal framework in the distribution of electricity;
  • Advice an International Consulting Group on the legal framework of electricity regulation in Angola;
  • Advise relevant government entities in the negotiations with the major LNG concessionaires, as well as in the creation of the legal regime for the LNG activity in Mozambique;
  • Advise a Mozambican Company in the Civil Construction sector, in several issues;
  • Advising an American Multinational Corporation of the oil industry in several operations in Angola;
  • Advising a Multinational Company in the oil and gas sector, based in the United Kingdom, in the setup of facilities in Angola for the production of LNG and NGL;
  • Advice to a Company in the Electrification area in several major energy projects in Portugal;
  • Advise a Brazilian Petroleum Organization on the negotiation and implementation of protocols regarding the Oil and Gas Industry;
  • Advise to a business group in the maritime sector in the restructuring of their corporate and maritime affairs, as well as in their current day-to-day operations;
  • Advise a Chinese Oil Company in an operation for the acquisition of a concession agreement in Angola;
  • Advise an International Company in the Energy sector in a major transaction in Portugal;
  • Legal advisory to an Oil Company in the incorporation of a business in Mozambique;
  • Advise a Chinese Company in the Energy sector, in the acquisition of an oil concession in Angola;
  • Legal advisory to an oil and gas company, based in US, in several issues related with the activity of this company in Mozambique and Angola;
  • Advise an International Group in the Engineering area in the establishment of a partnership for the development of an oil concession in Cabinda, Angola, as well as in several matters in Mozambique;
  • Advise an Indian Oil Multinational in natural gas transaction in Mozambique and in the acquisition of an oil concession in Angola.
  • Assistance to a French multinational company in the oil sector, in Angola and Mozambique.
Publications and Seminars
  • Published numerous articles on the Portuguese, Angolan and Mozambican legal framework.
  • Participated as a speaker, in many seminars and conferences dedicated to the investment in Portugal and Angola.
Professional Associations
  • Member of the Portuguese Bar Association.
  • Member of the Brazilian Bar Association.
  • Member of the APA (Portuguese Association of Arbitration).
  • Post-graduation in European Law by the School of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University (1983).
  • Law degree by the School of Law of the University of Lisbon (1982).

Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.